Getting your friends together for a movie night but don’t know what to watch? Let us help you!

4 Movies To Watch With Friends

Are you getting ready to host a movie night for your friends but have no idea what to watch? No worries. Make your home ready for the guests, get those jumbo popcorns made, and relax. When you set up everything you need for a movie night, spare a few minutes to check our recommendations, and you will certainly find a movie that everyone will enjoy!

Did you know that the IMDb score often differs between males and females? We have included both male (M) and female (F) scores to make it easier for you to chose the perfect movie for everyone.


(2000, IMDb M: 8.3 F: 8.1)

If you are into: Great Cast, Fast Pace, Violent, Comedy

Snatch is one of the two iconic movies made by Guy Ritchie. Starring Jason Statham, Benicio Del Toro, and Brad Pitt, it follows intertwined crime stories about boxing underground, small-time gypsy thieves with a unique talent, and a mafia lord. Heart-pounding, smart, and overall amusing, Snatch will capture your attention from the first scene.

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The Hangover

(2009, IMDb M: 7.7 F: 7.6)

If you are into: Funny, Amusing, Party Animals, Summer

This movie is a great choice for a movie night with friends. The story follows a group of friends at a bachelor party that turned into an adventure they will remember for the rest of their lives. That is if they manage to recall their memory wiped out by drugs, alcohol, and the bright lights of Las Vegas. Unforgettable moments are meant to be shared with friends, why not watch this movie together with yours and have a fun time together.


Dumb And Dumber

(1994, IMDb M: 7.4 F: 6.6)

If you are into: Great Cast, Quirky, Funny, Friends

In case you wish to see an immense stupidity, this movie will show it to you in all its glory. Lloyd and Harry, or better say Dumb and Dumber, who find themselves with an important suitcase that belongs to a beautiful woman named Mary, decide to go to Aspen and return the lost bag to its rightful owner. Going on some crazy adventures, they manage to get to Aspen, where they start spending money that doesn’t belong to them and fighting for Mary’s heart. This classic comedy is guaranteed to make you laugh with your friends.


This Is The End

(2013, IMDb M: 6.6 F: 6.4)

If you are into: Fast Pace, Friends, Funny, Thrilling

This Is The End is a riotous movie that shows you what would happen in Hollywood in case of an apocalypse. As Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and many others are playing themselves, the end of the world gives them a great excuse to show who they truly are. Hectic, side-splitting, and ridiculous at moments, this movie is a fun way to spend your evening with friends.

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