This is perfect for a date night or Sunday Funday. Can’t seem to find anything worth watching with your boyfriend? We got you!

4 Movies To Watch With Your Boyfriend

Can’t seem to find anything worth watching with your boyfriend? Let us help you. This list will keep you both entertained with action, thrilling stories, and emotional plot twists. Perfect for a date night or Sunday Funday. Let’s take a look!  

Psst...keep in mind that these recommendations are made for everyone - regardless of relationship status or gender. We love diversity and strive to include Hinters from all different backgrounds. We are working on an LGBTQ+ themed article. Do you have a great recommendation you want us to include? Contact us here!

The Platform

(2019, IMDb: 7.3) 

If you are into: Social, Violent, Psychological, Intense

This Spanish sci-fi thriller plays out in a vertical prison, where the inmates have to share one platform of food descending through the cells once each day. They only have two minutes to eat as much as possible, if there is anything left once the platform reaches them. Like trapped in a nightmare, the story gets interesting and captures you from the very start. A solid film to watch with your boyfriend, and make sure you have some snacks nearby. 


The Devil All The Time

(2020, IMDb: 7.1) 

If you are into: Social, Suspenseful, Violent, Slow Pace

The Devil All The Time follows different characters in rural southern Ohio and West Virginia after World War ll in the 1960s. From a tormented veteran trying to save his wife, a husband-and-wife team of serial killers lurking on American highways, to a preacher and his crippled sidekick running from the law. And in the middle of it all is Arvin Eugene Russell, a boy growing up trying to find his place in the world. This slow burn and interesting story is matched with a great cast that your boyfriend is sure to love. 


End Of Watch

(2012, IMDb: 7.6) 

If you are into: Great Cast, Violent, Suspenseful, Fast Pace

If your boyfriend enjoys a raw and action-packed thriller, then End of Watch is the perfect match. Shot in a documentary style, the plot follows two young LA police officers and their encounters with criminal gangs and cartels. Drama, action, and blood is guaranteed, and thanks to the bare video footage, it feels like you are right there with the two officers on the streets with the criminals. End of Watch will keep you both on the edge of your seat. 


The Place Beyond The Pines

(2013, IMDb: 7.3) 

If you are into: Social, Deep, Emotional, Intense 

If you haven’t watched The Place Beyond The Pines already, you are in for a treat. The plot follows a mysterious motorcycle biker, Luke, desperate to connect with his ex-girlfriend, who secretly gave birth to the stunt rider’s child. In order to support his family, Luke turns to bank robberies only to cross paths with a young, ambitious police officer looking to move up the ranks in the police department. This thriller is emotional and seriously good, your boyfriend will thank you for showing him this one. 

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