Writer and director Ari Aster brings us one of the most anticipated movies of 2023. Here is everything you need to know about ‘Beau Is Afraid’ starring Joaquin Phoenix.

‘Beau is Afraid’ Plot And Trailer - Everything You Need To Know

Writer and director Ari Aster is known for his A24 films Hereditary (2018) and Midsommar (2019), two highly rated and critically acclaimed horror movies that really put him on the map. Naturally, following his previous work, we can categorize him as an excellent horror-storyteller. With his upcoming movie ‘Beau Is Afraid’, we expect elements of horror in ways we’ve never seen them before. Dubbed as a surrealistic horror-comedy, we can not wait for ‘Beau Is Afraid’ to premiere. In this article, we take a look at the trailer, the plot and what the fans have to say.

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The Plot 

Ari Aster's love for the horror genre has proven to be quite remarkable, ultimately giving us two impressive horror flicks. Back when ‘Beau Is Afraid’ was announced (then titled “Disappointment Blvd.”), Aster said in an interview with Indiewire that his upcoming project would be a “four-hour-long nightmare comedy.” Now, after the first trailer was released, we get what he means. 

The story follows Joaquin Phoenix as Beau, a paranoid man troubled by his traumatic childhood, as he embarks on a journey to get home to his mother. Sweet, right? Not so much. A series of sinister events makes his trip back to his mother something completely different. By the look of the trailer, Beaus' paranoid mind seems to get the better of him wherever he goes. And of course, being hit by a car doesn’t make the situation any better. 

The Cast 

“From his fears comes the greatest adventure” is the tagline of the trailer, and what an adventure it looks to be. Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix has undoubtedly become one of the greatest and most interesting actors working today. His role as Arthur in “Joker” showcased not only his talent, but his dedication to portray complex characters in an intriguing and slightly intimidating way. We expect him to make wonders as Beau.

Alongside Phoenix, actors Parker Posey, Amy Ryan, Nathan Lane and Patti LuPone are all set to make Ari Aster’s ‘Beau Is Afraid’ a spectacle to remember. The movie is set to be released in April this year. 

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Fans Reaction

After roaming the internet for a first reaction, we can definitely say that feelings of excitement and curiosity towards Ari Aster’s upcoming film are dominant among fans. To be honest, we feel the same. ‘Beau Is Afraid’ looks great in all aspects. Surely, a horror-comedy made by Aster starring the outstanding Joaquin Phoenix is a receipt for success.

Twitter post on Beau Is Afraid
‘Beau Is Afraid’ certainly gives Wes Anderson vibes.

Twitter post on Beau Is Afraid
A twisted family trip to the cinemas come April? Sign us up!

Twitter post on Beau Is Afraid
Incoming Oscar’s for Aster or Phoenix?

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