Don’t know what to watch with your girlfriend? No worries, we got you. Here are a couple of movies perfect for any situation you guys have planned.

6 Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend

It can be hard to find a balance between your taste in movies and your significant other’s. Do you go for something you like or something she likes? We know the feeling…and the stress. To help you impress your girlfriend with a great movie night, we have listed a few hidden gems and new releases that you both will love. Heartfelt messages, romantic stories, or scary dating - it’s all here. All you have to do now is bring out her favorite snacks.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020, IMDb M: 7.4 F: 7.4)

Set in rural Pennsylvania, this story is honest and simple yet so powerful and provides a sense of realism. Two high school girls, best friends and cousins, Autumn and Skylar, set out on a journey across state lines when they are confronted with abortion laws and conservative legislation. To help Autumn, they board a bus headed to New York. This social awareness drama is slow-paced and low-budget but offers a walk in two teenagers' shoes that everybody should see. To put it simply, a great choice for a movie night with your girlfriend. 


Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022, IMDb M: 7.3 F: 7.3)

Cha Cha Real Smooth is a dose of sweetness as another alternative to the blockbuster movies you could see with your girlfriend. A heartwarming story of a young man working as a Bar Mitzvah party host who forms an unusual friendship with a mother and her autistic daughter. If you are looking to impress your girlfriend with a dramatic and comedic feel-good film, this is the one for you.

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Then Barbara Met Alan (2022, IMDb: M: 7.1 F: 7.7)

If you are looking for a short and sweet movie, then this might be the one. Based on true events, this is the story of when Barbara Lisicki, a disabled comic, met Akan Holdsworth. Together they campaigned for action to be taken in the battle for disabled civil rights in Britain. With a running time of just under 70 minutes, this snappy and quirky movie will take off from the get go, and keep you and your girlfriend entertained until the very end. The average IMDb score by females also tells us this is a great choice.


The Innocents (2022, IMDb M: 7.0 F: 7.0)

If you want to watch this one, be sure to keep each other close. And maybe you need a blanket closeby to cover your eyes now and again. This nordic fantasy-horror movie takes evil to another level. Four children become friends during summer, and when the adults are not looking, they wander into the forest and discover their hidden powers. Innocent play quickly takes a dark turn. Unusually, the children are the lead actors, which elevates the disturbing feelings. The Innocents is the perfect choice for a scary evening with your girlfriend.

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Fresh (2022, IMDb M: 6.6 F: 6.9) 

In this movie, we follow Noa as she stumbles upon a guy at the grocery store. While being tired of using dating apps and going on half-decent dates, Steve seems too good to be true. A few dates in, they find themselves on a weekend getaway but things soon turn dark as Steve proves to be a completely different person than Noa first imagined. Fresh is a thrilling horror flick and makes for an exciting movie to watch with your girlfriend.


The Leisure Seeker (2018, IMDb M: 6.6 F: 6.9) 

The Leisure Seeker might be one of those movies that you heard about but never got around to watching, which makes it the perfect one to see with your girlfriend. A sweet and loving story of a couple setting out on an adventurous road trip across the US in their old RV. They rediscover their passion for life and love for each other while an inherently sad situation haunts them. In short, a heartwarming movie about love, life and growing old together.

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Do you ever dread reliving the nightmare of scrolling through movies to select for date night with your girlfriend? You just don’t have a hint of a clue where to start? The nightmare goes on and on until the two of you lovebirds have decided to forget about netflix and chilling. Good news is It doesn’t have to be that way, for now what you have right before your wonderstruck eyes, is a simple selection of four perfect movies to watch with your girlfriend.

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