There is something special about summer 2022, it feels almost magical. And what’s more magical than a nostalgic classic summer movie? Here are our favorites

Summer Classics Worth Re-watching

July is here and as the temperatures keep rising, you’re probably looking for the perfect excuse to take refuge in the shade and immerse yourself in a scorching movie. Summer, the season of bliss for both minds and bodies, of follies and extravaganza is also a season that has inspired the seventh art. Here is a handpicked list of classic summer movies aligning sweetness, madness, tales, and games worth re-watching several times. Let’s dive in! 

Dirty Dancing (1987, IMDb M: 6.6 F: 7.7)

If you are into: Great Casts, Romantic Stories, Summer Vibes

If you only pick one summer classic to watch again, it should be this one. Dirty Dancing has everything you need this summer: cult replicas, dance moves shot gloriously, a foolish love story, the spontaneous and light 60s, sexual liberation, and a summer village. Dirty Dancing was released back in 1987 and we all remember the first time seeing it. Did you know that this movie was rejected 43 times before it was finally released and their biggest sponsor pulled out just before the premiere? Too bad for them...they missed out on one of the greatest classics of all time. Make sure you got your dancing shoes on and enjoy the time of your life!

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Jaws (1975, M: 8.1 F: 7.7)

If you are into: Great Soundtracks, Thrilling Entertainment, Old-school Stories

This is the original summer blockbuster, setting the standard by which all others are measured. It's the Michael Jordan of cinema: there will never be another Jaws, simply because the film profoundly changed the way movies are made and marketed. It still blows our minds every time and is absolutely worth to re-watch.

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The Notebook (2004, M: 7.6 F: 8.2)

If you are into: Romantic Scenarios, Relationships, Emotional Stories

Looking for classic summer romance? The Notebook may be the front runner of all romantic movies. A poor yet passionate young man - Ryan Gossling if any - falls in love with a rich young woman - the obvious Rachel McAdams. But soon enough, they get separated because of their social differences. The dialogues master the art of restraint, and the result is magnificent, humble and so terribly moving. What’s better than re-watching a summer-themed love story…and maybe cry a little?


The Big Blue (1988, IMDb M: 7.4 F: 7.8)

If you are into: Nature, Slow Paced, Intense Scenes

A French classic about the hypnotic power of sea and love, it will most likely hypnotize you if you let yourself get carried away by the contemplative slowness of the narration. It's quite anxious, and the music by Ric Serra is mesmerizing. Two childhood friends, Enzo and Jacques, are world-renowned free divers. When they get to compete in the World Freediving Championship the drama starts - a true story although fictionalized. A thrilling, summer classic perfect for those sunny afternoons.

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