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Streaming Simplified — Curated For You —

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A streaming service legend, a tech ninja and a film wiz – that’s how it all started. Today we’ve extended our staff people of various talents (thank god!) and are werking on countless ways of enhancing your movie experience.

What binds all of us together is a passion for putting the right movie in front of the right person and creating a movie universe that matches that same persons preferences.

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background in the entertainment & streaming industry

I’m CEO and founder of Hint. I started obsessing about how to make the perfect recommendation a few years back and believe that machine learning algorithms on streaming platforms today are not really getting the sense of people’s taste. Our vision is to match the right content with the right person and inspire them to press play, through a seamless experience.

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I'm a previous start up founder that built products shipping to thousands of customers and businesses across the B2B, B2C and B2G spaces in advertising, fintech and social programs.
Editorial & Content Manager


pedersen cano

Hi, I’m a movie nerd who graduated university without a clue of what to do with my bachelor’s degree in cinema studies. I was lucky enough to land the role as editor, which motivates me to share my passion and make streaming a better experience, and that’s why Hint is a dream project.
Frontend Junior Developer



I am a software engineer specialising in mobile development. Outside coding, swimming, or reading books, I enjoy watching anime, adventure, and action movies. Endlessly scrolling while searching for movies is a struggle I relate to. Hence, developing Hint with the team is awesome.
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